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Hello Universe!

My name is John Siebelink. I am (as of March 14, 2012) 22 years old, a nerd, Disney Cast Member, science fiction writer and college student. I have been a fan of science fiction most of my life. The purpose of this blog is for me to hone my skills both as a writer but also a reviewer of science fiction, fantasy, and other literary genres in all kinds of different forms (stories, novels, films, etc.) My goal is to post a review of a story every other day (I’d do it everyday but my schedule at Disney is making it hard to find time to do much of anything), as well as a review of a novel once a month and a film review at least once or twice a month. Occassionally I will also post clippings of my own fiction for the Universe to read, as well as any interview or ideas I might come across. The Universe is endless, so are the possibilities for this blog. Welcome home, loyal denizens of the Universe! I missed you!


About jsiebelink

I'm an aspiring science fiction writer and blogger. My goal is to set new boundaries for science fiction and story-telling in general. I long to prove that it is possible to create brand new stories that the world has never seen before, and present new ways of telling the stories. I am a child of the universe, and consider myself the Creator God of my fictional universes.

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