Why I chose the title of this blog to be “Creator Gods”

I am not a very religious person. I didn’t choose this title as any kind of respect or nod towards any Christian religion. I actually chose it because of how I feel when I’m writing stories. Science fiction and fantasy are similar in almost every way. Both genres push back the limits of our imagination and open our minds up to endless possibilities, each in their own different ways. Science fiction (I probably will be using SF alot for this) always must be ground in reality. What could happen, or what is happening, or in some cases what actually DID happen. The boundaries for SF are nonexistent but are, nonetheless, restricted by science. Fantasy, of course, has no limitations.

Whenever I write my SF stories, or the occassional fanatsy tale I always take myself away from planet Earth and create my own worlds, with my own characters and people. I begin feeling like I’m the God of my fictional universe. A Creator God, if you will. I’m not trying to offend anyone who is Christian and believes that their God is the only God ever to exist, no. It’s just my mindset when I create characters that are unlike anything seen in the real-world, to create new things in my own images.

Such is the beauty of speculative fiction. The writer is in control of all the powers at be. I love being the highest power in the cosmos, and only in the realm of science fiction will I ever have the chance to enjoy such a high and exalted position.

Since this blog is about science fiction, I’m sure you get the point.

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Hello Universe!

My name is John Siebelink. I am (as of March 14, 2012) 22 years old, a nerd, Disney Cast Member, science fiction writer and college student. I have been a fan of science fiction most of my life. The purpose of this blog is for me to hone my skills both as a writer but also a reviewer of science fiction, fantasy, and other literary genres in all kinds of different forms (stories, novels, films, etc.) My goal is to post a review of a story every other day (I’d do it everyday but my schedule at Disney is making it hard to find time to do much of anything), as well as a review of a novel once a month and a film review at least once or twice a month. Occassionally I will also post clippings of my own fiction for the Universe to read, as well as any interview or ideas I might come across. The Universe is endless, so¬†are the possibilities for this blog. Welcome home, loyal denizens of the Universe! I missed you!